As far as I can tell, I wrote this around 2008.

In 2003, Kurt Grigg made a beautiful mouse-following clock in Javascript, which he called “Silly CLock 3.” It went viral, in a 2003 kind of way. By the time I ran across it, it wouldn’t run under Safari. Maybe I was using Safari then, or maybe I was just looking for a programming project. So I reimplemented it in FLEX to run under the Flash player, in case you’ve ever heard of that.

Anyway, it’s beautiful! Check it out.

If you shift-click, you can toggle the settings open; try turning the “stiffness” way down. Unfortunately, I didn’t put a speed control in. It would be nice if it were a little slower, but perhaps that is a sign of age.

Here is what I can find about Kurt Grigg’s original JavaScript program. I would love to have a more up-to-date link or email address. He seems to still be around.