Many members of my family were fans of acrostic puzzles, and I went through a phase where I was very enthusiastic, even publishing one co-authored with someone I knew. They were laborious to construct and somewhat tedious to solve, because you have to copy letters back and forth between two part of the puzzle, and if you are not meticulous about it, you lose a lot of time.

This was intended to be a program for writing and doing acrostic puzzles, written in Adobe’s FLEX.

It is only a test version of the main component. You can type in a quote, and use keyboard and mouse editing, including drag-and-drop.

Note: if you click on the middle of a tile and drag, you will drag/drop the single tile. If you want to drag to enlarge your selection, click on he edge of the tile and drag to expand the selection. You can also select text in the textbox below the tiles.

Try it by clicking here. You need to click in the textbox below the large rectangle before you can enter your quote.